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Q: Does the size of my cock matter?
This may be the one and only reason you came to visit this site. It's the most frequently asked question of them all. Truth be told, this FAQ could be made complete right now with the answer to just this question, and about 85% of the world's cock insecurities would almost vanish overnight.

The simple answer is, quite frankly, NO. The size of your cock doesn't matter at all.

It's important to remember that all cocks, regardless of size, are unique and special in their own way. The size of your cock, my cock, his cock, and her cock -- it's all meaningless in the end. The only thing that matters is how much fun you have with your cock, and how much fun and happiness your cock can bring to others.

Be proud of your cock. Be proud of your cock's size. Remember, the size of your cock isn't something you can really do anything about, anyway. Don't be embarrassed. Your cock will know, and then your cock will feel like it's somehow let you down. THAT'S when the size of your cock begins not only affecting you, but others as well.

So, just get out there and strut your cock around town, proclaiming to everyone around, "THIS IS MY COCK, AND MY COCK IS SPECIAL!"

Q: How should I groom my cock?
Cock-grooming is a hotly-debated issue among cock enthusiasts. Some prefer a trim here and there, some prefer "the full monty" and others just love letting their cocks go au naturale.

The proper cock grooming is more a matter of preference than coxpert opinion. There are, however, some small bits of advice we can offer regarding the factors that can influence your cock grooming decisions.

Firstly, what's your cock comfortable with? The only real way to find out is to grab some shears and see what happens. The first step to figuring out almost anything is to dive in head first, and cock grooming shouldn't be any different.

Your cock's lovely mane can and will grow back over a very short period of time, so there's really no reason not to try out some simple grooming to see if it's to your cock's liking or not.

Other factors that could influence your decisions on cock grooming include the preferences of anyone you may live with. Obviously, their preferences are going to play some kind of role into your you handle the styling of your cock. It's very important to communicate with other parties to clearly understand how they feel about your cock grooming habits. You don't want to be offending anyone with your cock, so it's important when making the decision to groom your cock to discuss it and reach a compromise should any parties (friends, family, other cocks in the household) have any issues with your habits.

Q: How often should I play with my cock?
For maximum cock enjoyment, Cocksmakepeoplesexy.Net wholeheartedly suggests playing with your cock as much as possible. All that time you spend during a day working and going about your daily routine can be stressful and exhausting. Playing with your cock is the perfect way to alleviate stress and relax.

It's very important that you take some special time every day to play with your cock. Not only with your cock be happier that you're paying it more attention, but you'll be happier in the end as well. We guarantee it.

Your cock doesn't have to just be fun for you. There's nothing to be greedy about whilst owning a cock. You should always feel free to share your cock with your friends and family. Let them play with your cock, and they may even let you play with theirs too!

There's certainly no better way to come together than two or more people playing with each others' cocks.

Q: How long should I play with my cock
As long as you can continue to squeeze some fun out of it.

Cocks can be quite lively and energetic and sometimes require quite a work out in order to fully calm down.

You'll know when you've played with your cock too long and it wants to take some time to rest. It's best not to overdo it. When your cock says "enough," respect that.

Q: What are some specific things I should watch out for as a new cock owner?
We get this one a lot. It's a very vague question, but luckily for you, there are some specific answers we can provide.

The first thing you should do is make sure that you have control of your cock at all times. Nobody likes an out of control cock. This is especially true at night. Believe me, it's no fun to wake up in the middle of the night and find a cock poking around where it shouldn't be. You should definitely make sure to keep your cock away from electric outlets. They're very curious creatures, so be sure to keep outlets cock-proofed with dummy plugs.

Though we don't always like to admit it, cocks can be a bit much to handle, and when the time comes, you should never be afraid of taking disciplinary action against your cock. Popular among cock enthusiasts is beating and choking their cocks to keep them on the straight and narrow. Beating or choking your cock may seem like a bit of a drastic thing to do, but cocks are quite resilient creatures and can always take a good beating or choking, should the need arise. If you're one of those types that prefers to be a little more hands-off in your cock control, it's more than okay to find someone else that will beat or choke your cock for you.

Finally, spend a lot of time with your cock. Nobody can know your cock better than you, and the bond the two of you form will more than likely blossom into a life-long relationship the both of you can benefit from.

Q: Should I be playing with anybody else's cock? Will mine get jealous?
A good question, but a cock isn't anything like a dog or cat. It won't get jealous or angry at you for being around or playing with someone else's cock.

In summation: Playing with other peoples' cocks is a-okay and Cocksmakepeoplesexy.Net actively encourages doing so. The world needs more of a sense of "cock togetherness" these days.

These are just a few of the cock-related inquiries we receive on a daily basis. We're always doing our best to get our hands on the best cock info to pass along to you, so be sure to check this portion of the site for new updates and related cock inquiries.

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