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Playing With Your Cock

Everybody likes to let go every once in a while and have a good play with their cock. I know I do, anyway. And why not? Playing with your cock is one of the most important steps you can take to maintaining a healthy and active cock. The time you spend playing with your cock can help you intimately bond with your cock in ways that no other activity can, leading to a long, upstanding healthy human/cock relationship that's sure to last the rest of your days.

While playing with your cock is a relatively simple proposition, we thought it'd be in the best interests of those new to cocks to have a few tips to help get them off on the right path to properly enjoying cock playtime.

1. Be prepared to sweat
Playing with your cock can and will be exhausting. Cocks are active little fellas and have a lot of energy, so you're going to have to exert an equal or higher amount in order to keep up. Some cocks can play all day long, and some are good for about 10-20 minutes. It really depends on your cock, and this is something the two of you will have to figure out together.

It's also absolutely fine to play with your cock more than once a day. In fact, it comes highly recommended. The more you play with your cock, the more likely you are to have a healthy cock.

Be warned though, that extensive playtime with your cock can sometimes lead to your cock's exhaustion. It's important to give your cock a break every now and again, sometimes even for a few days. You'll come to find that the next time you and your cock decide have fun again, the tresults could be quite explosive with how much energy the both of you will have!

It's always healthy to have a little nap after playtime with your cock. You'll be awakened refreshed and ready to face whatever the rest of the day has to throw at you.

2. A firm hand
It's always very important that you maintain a firm hand when dealing with your cock. You don't want your cock going all out of control on you, now do you? Out of control cocks do nothing but make messes, so it's very important that, with a firm, but gentle hand, you maintain proper control of your cock at all times while the two of you are playing.

That's not to say that there aren't occasions when you couldn't let your cock go on all willy-nilly. Certainly there's a place and a time to just let your cock run free, but most of the time you'll want to keep things under control so that your cock isn't bothering anyone or anything in your surroundings.

3. The right environment
Cocks can rise to the situation and thrive just about anywhere, but it should be noted that they prefer warm and moist environments.

It shouldn't be that hard to look around your local area and find a nice warm place to bring your cock in to to play for a while. If you're having trouble, there are many people who are willing to give you a hand, just ask around.

There's nothing saying that you can't go outside and play with your cock in the rain, but it's most important to remember that when playing in any unfamiliar damp environments that you make sure your cock is properly clothed for the situation. A nice raincoat (usually any kind will be fine) is the best precaution to take in this situation.

4. Know your cock's limits
Cocks are ready to play at almost any time of the day or night. This sometimes makes them blind to the fact that they're not immortal.

Spending a lot of time playing with your cock is a good thing, but as the saying goes, "All things in moderation."

For your cock to maintain a healthy demeanor and be up and ready to go for whenever the situation calls for it, it's absolutely important that you recognize when your cock has simply had enough. Some cocks are chock full of stamina and are ready to go for hours on end, while others may sputter out after only a few minutes. It's important that you understand your cock's limits, so that you can maintain its overall health.

If you find that your cock is easily tired, that's not to say there's not a way to squeeze more play time out of it. By pushing your cock just a little more each time you play (not to the point of exhaustion, mind you), you'll find your cock gaining more and more stamina with each and every session. Regulated excercise is a great way to push your cock to the limits and vastly improve the fun that you and others can have with your cock.

5. Fun for all
There's absolutely no rule that says that you have to play with your cock all by yourself. Your cock will likely be more than receptive of other people playing too. So, go on, get as many people as you can to come over and play with your cock. In fact, have them bring their cocks too! There's sure to be a whole lot of fun had when everyone gets together and plays with their cocks, and more importantly, each others' cocks. That's right, just as you're allowed to play with your cock, and surely others can play with theirs, it's more than acceptable for you to go ahead and have fun with someone else's cock, too!

Think about it. No more boring Saturday nights with your friends coming over and not having any idea of what to do. The answer has been there right in front of you all along.

Now, obviously, getting so many cocks together in such a small area can lead to some issues. First and foremost, things are going to be messsy. That's just how cocks are. They're active and just love having fun and making a mess. Secondly, be sure to keep an eye on all cocks in the room, because you certainly don't want any cocks poking their heads into places they shouldn't be.

A keen, watchful eye and the aforementioned steady grasp of the situation is all it'll take to maintain order. Get your friends and family together and start playing with your cocks today!

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