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Still a little confused about this whole cockapalooza we've got going on here? Well, if the site's introduction and the Frequently Asked Questions weren't enough to whet your appetite for cocks, then it's time to try some older methods.

Sometimes, when you're new to something, it's best to take a look at the popular trends within your new area of interest. For instance, if someone was new to videogames, they'd probably poke around the internet and find games like Halo, Gears of War, and Mass Effect to be overly-popular trends. Well, that's what I'm going to do for you with this here article. No Wikipedia scouring for you. Aren't you happy?

Throughout history, we've seen the rise and fall of many a famous cocks. In this article I'll feed you all the cock you can possibly stomach, in both vintage and currently relevant forms. With this top-cock cock knowledge, you'll no doubt be ready to jump into any and all cock-related situations and be well-versed enough to hold your own when the big boys come out to play.

Kellogg's Big Green Cock

Perhaps the most famous cock of them all. The cock to rule the roost you might say. There's no doubt that you've been aware of this big green cock all your life.

For almost 116 years, people around the world have been enjoying their morning breakfast cereals, compliments of this giant green, smiling cock. There's little doubt that within every mouthful of Corn Flakes we lovingly shovel into our mouths, we're enjoying a good bit of vintage cock with every bite. There's also no doubt that the cereal is just that much more fulfilling because of it.

So, the next time you find yourself enjoying a big bowl of Corn Flakes, be sure to say a little "thank you" to the cock that makes it all possible.

Foghorn J. Leghorn

Anyone growing up with a TV in the last fifty or sixty years is no doubt already familiar with this highly-animated, mischief-making cock. He's delighted audiences young and old with his unique brand of comedy and tom-cockery.

Though he often shared the screen with many a famous animated cartoon icons, he always managed to poke his head through and stand out just a little more than others. His large and bursting presence is easily rememberable to those who witnessed his rise in the earlier years.

One of Warner Bros. most popular creations, and a cock that is sure to definitely be remembered for not only his wacky antics, but his longeivity as well, having stood tall above his peers all these years.

The San Diego Cock
(aka: The Famous Cock, The KGB Cock, The Cock)

Sports fans absolutely love cock. I tell ya, sports fans are the kinda people that just can't get enough cock. They fiend for cock like a crackhead for rocks and it shows with just how many famous cock-related mascots there are representing sports teams. Sports fans have a taste for cock that rivals even the most seasoned of coxperts. The bigger and stupider the cocks, the better.

The San Diego Cock is one of the most famous, beginning his career as a radio station mascot cock and later becoming the staple cock attending San Diego Padres baseball games.

This is one cock with an amazing amount of staying power. Still performing today in commercials and at many sporting events, The San Diego Cock is certainly a cock that isn't going limp or shriveling up anytime soon, you can bet on that.

The Legend of Cocks

Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series has been the launchpad for many a cock-related careers. The Zelda series has long featured large numbers of cocks for Link to play around with, exposing the joy of cocks to generation after generation of gamers, old and new alike.

While it brings a smile to one's face when there are so many cocks to be played with, unfortunately there's a really dark spot here. It's not often that our "hero" Link ever treats these cocks with the love and tenderness they deserve. These poor cocks are tossed about and carried around with little or no regard to careful Cock-Handling Procedures.

I can't openly support the treatment these poor cocks face in the hands of Link, but I added them here to spread awareness that cruelty toward cocks isn't acceptable in any form. Especially when featured in a dried-up and stale videogame franchise.

A Cock National Symbol

Wanna know how much France loves cocks? They made it their damn NATIONAL SYMBOL!!!

And what a majestic and hard cock this one is, yeah? Folks, I don't think cocks can possibly get any harder than this. This thing's tried and true for sure, and that sense of pride radiating from it is probably more than warrante. Believe me, that there ain't any kinda bravado, and it's certainly no over-exaggeration on my part..

France mainly uses cocks as their National Symbol these days for sporting events such as football (soccer) and rubgby. Both sports that require a hard exterior and a high level of stamina. This is most definitely the best use for this hardened cock.

Camilla The Cock

Everyone remembers Gonzo from The Muppets? The one with the schnoz that gives even the finest cocks a run for their money. A true favorite of the series and for good reason. You see, Gonzo was a fine connoisseur of cocks long before any of us. He was well ahead of the curve and sometimes doesn't get the attention he deserves.

But this entry isn't about Gonzo, it's about his beautiful cock love interest Camilla The Cock. I think questions need not even be asked in this situation. I mean, just get a look at this cock. Gonzo loves him some nice, fat cock. It's almost enough to give you cock-envy, isn't it? I know I can't help but feel a little green.

Camilla has been Gonzo's partner in crime for years, and other than one nasty Christmas incident, it's clear these two will forevever remain in a long, strong, and pulsing with love relationship.

Ernie The Giant Cock

Seth MacFarlane's Family Guy is a big ol' bloated back of cocks, so it's no surprise that the show features it's own rather large, randomly-appearing SURPRISE COCK!

As it turns out, if your television show sucks enough, it can be almost instantly redeemed with a giant cock beating up a retarded dick.

Ernie The Giant Cock is almost inhumanly strong, capable of taking even the most stringent and rigorous of beatings. This cock just goes on and on and on with both parties coming back for more.

Whether for the purpose of attaining satisfaction or sheer stubbornness, Ernie can get the job done almost better than any cock that's come around in the last few years.

Also, Family Guy sucks.


Who's to say you can't be the next big cock on the block? Nobody, that's who. Your cock, my cock, and EVERYBODY'S COCK is a marvelous thing, unique and special in its own way.

So, stand up proud, get out there and strut your stuff, show the world your cock, and be counted as one of the greats!

And at the end of the day, sit back, relax, and give yourselves a hand!

I know I will be.

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