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My Friends' Cocks

Sure, cocks are a good bit of fun alone, but they're even more enjoyable when you get your friends involved, and that's exactly what I've done.

I got all my friends to show me their cocks and, boy oh boy, what fun we did have! All my friends have whipped out their cocks just for you, so why don't you give them all a hand and enjoy them with me?

FreezingInferno's Cock

Up first we have my pal FreezingInferno's cock. As you can easily see, though his cock is a bit oddly-misshapen, the wide eyes and clear sense of excitement that radiate from this cock are sure signs that it'll always be raring and ready to go. A very dependable-looking cock, for sure.

toydonut's Cock


My, my, folks, not only has toydonut been blessed with a downright ENORMOUS amount of cock, but they both look to be quite satisfying speciments, if I do say so myself.

Note the very tantalizing shaping on her left cock. No doubt that this is a prize-winner from the get-go. The cock on the right may seem a bit much for most to handle from the outset, but I'm sure that it's just something you'll get used to over time.

One can only imagine the kinda fun she has playing with her cocks and only be jealous of anyone else that gets to. My word...

Senkir's Cock

Moving on, we come to Senkir's cock, and what a fiesty-looking cock he's got. This cock's cocked and ready to go at any time it would seem. It should also be noted just how fit this cock looks. No doubt, this is a cock that's had a lot of working out, and it's no question that when playing with this cock, Senkir's certainly got his hands full with just how long this fella can go. One can only imagine how many sleepless nights this cock has given Senkir and anyone else that's had the good fortune of being introduced to it.

Uznare's Cock

At first glance, Uznare's cock may seem a bit on the simplistic and unimpressive side, but don't let first impressions fool you, because there's still some fun to be had with Uznare's cock. Remember, people, as I stated in the FAQ, size and first impressions aren't all that matter here.

I think what we have here is a playful cock just looking to be let out and do his thing, he just needs the chance. If you see Uznare around, don't be shy. Ask to play with his cock and see what happens!

IceBlink's Cock

IceBlink has a big, fat cock. He tries to come off all unassuming, but it's hard to ignore that girth. It could just all be an act, though, so who knows.

He may not look like much to some, but I can guarantee when the time for fun comes, IceBlink's cock is sure to fill you with all the joy and happiness he can muster.

MooMan1's Cock

I think it's pretty damn shallow to base a cock's worth on its size, but if size is what you're looking for, then look no further than MooMan1's cock.

Clearly, this cock is enough to satisfy just about anyone's need for a decently sized cock. This cock's good, but may be a bit much for one person, but it shouldn't have any problems satisfying an entire family.

Traitor Magnus' Cock

Traitor Magnus' cock might just be the life of the party. The sunglasses and special choices in color and "accessories" are indicative of a rebellious streak. Obviously, he's quite a prideful cock, and it looks like he's your "go-to cock" for any and all of those special needs.

On top of all that, Traitor Magnus has a nicely-sized cock, so it shouldn't be overlooked by those concered with size. Due to his extra-curricular activities, however, he may not quite possess the stamina one usually looks for in a good cock.

radguy58's Cock

radguy58's cock looks a little flacid and maybe a tad under the weather, but I just can't help but be drawn to the little guy. He's just so adorable. Makes me just wanna grab him and give him a good squeeze.

Now, any cock can be up and ready to go when the time calls for it, and that's no doubt the case for RockGrumbler's cock, in particular. But, it's my opinion that radguy58's cock is one that you'll wanna keep around for those lazy evenings. Get him up on your lap and just stroke him by the fireplace and the both of you are sure to have a quiet, but fulfilling little evening.

Angry Ed's Cock

Ooooooookay, I know that I've said quite a bit on this site that the size of the cock doesn't matter, buuuut I'm afraid I'm going to have make an exception in the case of Angry Ed's teensy-weensy little cock.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm sure there's some fun to be had with this cock, or else Ed wouldn't have displayed it so proudly. But I'm afraid that, unfortunately for most, this cock just isn't going to be that fulfilling when it comes down to it. I'd honestly be afraid of breaking the little thing.

He does get points for being cute, though. How can an Ed so angry have such a cute little cock?

Rhete's Cock

A cock with a 'tude, you know that's unheard of!

Rhete likes to play dress-up with his cock, as you can plainly see. The sunglasses and mohawk seem to imply he may be over-compensating for something.

Further evidence of over-compensating for something is just how big of a picture Rhete took of his cock. I think it would do Rhete some good to go back and read the FAQ, and understand how embarrassed his cock may be feeling these days.

D-Mac's Cock

What a classy cock D-Mac has. They don't come more refined than this one folks, so if you can get your hands on it, enjoy it, knowing full well that this is the cream of the crop when it comes to cock-classiness.

The only downside is that this cock may be all show. Doesn't seem like a cock that wants to be rather active and would probably want you to do all the work yourself, but there is always the possibility of being surprised.

sonicmega's Cock

sonicmega's cock seems to be easily frightened, so you'll definitely wanna take a more subtle and gentle approach with this one.

Remember, some cocks are easy to frighten and/or get nervous easily and this isn't good for anybody. A gentle hand is definitely in order here if you're to experience any kinda fun with sonicmega's cock.

TheMirai's Cock

Well, Mirai's cock is certainly a happy cock, and we can most assuredly believe he's happy about being a cock.

As we all also realize by now, a happy cock is a healthy cock, so you can be absolutely sure that Mirai's cock can most assuredly go the distance when the situation calls for it.

I also have strange reason to believe that Mirai's cock may be related to FreezingInferno's cock. Could be my eyes are just a bit cocked-out at this point too. Who knows?

And that does it for now!

And so, I'd like to thank my friends for not being shy and being good sports by showing me their cocks. It's been quite an eye-opening experience.

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